Bachelor Kitchen Essentials

Indian kitchen essentials - here's a list of items that are going to be your lifesavers. You don’t need to carry them all when you travel because most of it is easily available everywhere.  However, there are few things that you should definitely carry because those are specific to Indian cooking/ use and you may not find them outside India (Ideally, it should not happen, but it happens). You will need these things if you plan to cook for yourself. So, hurry up! you need to add these items to your checklist of items you’ll need to buy/ carry.

Indian Kitchen Essentials

Cookware for Indian Cooking:

1. A small pressure cooker
2. A medium flat base non-stick pan
3. A sauce pan
4. A flat wooden spatula
5. A round wooden spatula
6. Microwave/oven safe dish

Quick Tip:

You can rather combine pressure cooker and Sauce Pan and buy one flat base medium height pressure cooker that can act as a sauce pan and flat base non-stick pan as well. 

Kitchen tools:

Indian Kitchen Essentials

1. A good Knife 
2. A pair of scissors
3. Peeler
4. A couple of Storage Container that can work as lunch boxes- Try to carry one, buy later if required.
5. Seive- Carry it, if you cannot live without your daily cup of chai. Also, it’s relatively expensive outside. So, carry a light weight good quality one.
7. A small inexpensive blender- to make those smoothies when you are running late.

Indian Kitchen Essentials


You can buy these later. 
1. A dinner plate
2. Small plate
3. Knife-Fork-Spoon
4. A small bowl
5. A big bowl
6. A Coffee mug or a glass

Indian Kitchen Essentials

Other nitty gritty:

1. Rubber bands
2. Sealing Clips
3. At least 2 dusters



Also, what is life without few spices?

 Basic Indian Spices:

Indian Spices Masala

  1. Red chilies
  2. Turmeric
  3. Coriander powder
  4. Salt
  5. Garam masala
  6. Asafoetida (Such an integral part of Tadkas)
  7. Pepper
  8. Cumin seeds
  9. Green cardamom (Avoid if you will never make masala chai or kheer or fragrant biriyani/ pulao 😉 )
  10. Black cardamom (Same as above)
  11. Cloves (same as above)


Other condiments (in addition to spices)

  1. Sugar
  2. Tea/ Coffee pouches 

Finally, ready to eat stuff that will last you for the first few days:

  1. Few packs of maggi (real life savers)
  2. Few “ready to eat” packs like poha/ upma (Just add water and ready to eat ones)
  3. Pack some mom made snacks that will last for a few day. (:D 🙂 )

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